Typographic Biomorphic: Trial and Error

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Trial and Error - Two Color T-Shirt Design

Trial and Error – Two Color T-Shirt Design

This two color illustration entitled “Trial and Error” is part of the ‘Superstition’ t-shirt series.  Superstition takes root in the art of story telling.  The ancestors of  out history’s past spent time around the fire sharing tales of adventure and folk lore.  Cultural values were passed on this way as well.  In the modern world, the fire has been replaced by corporate media moguls that wield their power on the masses.  At the turn of  the century, the concept of public relations and marketing became weapons in the arsenals of corporations.  American businesses began their quest to manufacture the perfect consumer.

Typographic Biomorphic: Title Work

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Typographic Biomorphic Illustration

Typographic Biomorphic Illustration

This piece is the inspiration behind the Typographic Biomorphic series. There are many layers of hand written text styles and computer aided fonts. In the center just to the right of Lady Liberty you’ll find the title super imposed over the colored skulls. Toward the top and reaching upwards is an atmosphere of type and texture. This is the kind of sky you would find in a Typographic Biomorphic realm.